Christ the Risen Lord

Long, long ago and far, far away,
a tiny Babe in a manger lay,
While shepherds and kings placed gifts at His feet,
Bethlehem’s babe remained fast asleep.

Angels watched over the sleeping child,
As His mother Mary gently smiled,
For this tiny infant was no ordinary babe,
He was born to save mankind from their sin,
Born to bring new life within… the hearts
Which would surrender to Him, and,
Crown him Lord, saviour, and king.

Bethlehem’s babe is asleep no more,
For He is the Christ and the risen Lord,
He is the only truth and the way,
To all who would seek for God today.

Sylvia Fraser © 1995

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More than Our traditions

More than Our traditions

So often we look at traditions of…
The Christmas tree and the star.
We look at gifts and puddings –
but not one of these so far,
Touches heavens heartbeat, or
Reveals the Father’s loving face,
As He reached down from Heaven
To bring us the gift of grace.

Amazing grace… Amazing love…

Jesus left His throne above,
He laid aside His majesty,
To walk this earth like you and me.

In Human flesh… He came to earth

And we beheld Him at His birth,
A tiny babe, so frail and weak,
The lamb of God, gentle and meek.

He grew in stature and, as a man…

          Revealed to us, God’s wonderous plan
     That He had come to take our place,
            So we might know God’s saving grace.

For sinners….just like you and me,

Jesus walked to Calvary,
For He alone could pay the price,
God’s holy lamb, sin’s sacrifice.

He conquered death…Hell and the grave

Then to the Father’s side was raised,
To live forever as our Lord,
To be worshipped and adored.

Amazing Grace…God’s gift of life

For all who come to Jesus Christ,
Accepting His great sacrifice,
As the door to hope and life.

Opened by God’s hand alone…

To bring each sinner safely home,
That all may have this hope within…
They will abide always, with Him.

Yes, we may mingle in our minds
Traditions handed down through time.
And, while they are a lot of fun,
Let us focus on the only one, who…
Is the way, the truth, the life,
God’s own precious Son, Jesus Christ…
Born as a babe in Bethlehem
God’s gift to heal the hearts of men.

Gifts are not yours until given,
Yet, still not yours till received.
God’s gift is yours for the taking,
Because it is offered to all who believe…that

Christ surrendered His life,
To save you from that which keeps you from Him…and
From knowing the love of the Father,
Through His Spirit dwelling within.

Bethlehem’s babe is The Saviour,
Our Lord, Our God and our King,
So, honour the babe in the manger,
Lift your voices in worship and sing…praise
To the Father in Heaven and praise to Jesus His Son,
Praising the work of His Spirit as
We rejoice in the Kingdom to come

© 1987 Sylvia Fraser

Through The Father’s Eyes

I was created to know ‘I am loved’,
Created by God in heaven above,
To live as a child who never need fear,
That Fathers love would, one day disappear…

Created by God to live life ‘care- free’,
Knowing my father delighted in me.
Discovering my ‘self’ through loves eyes alone,
With trust undisturbed in this safe place called ‘home’.

But then in a moment a rift was formed,
And the heart of God’s child forever torn,
Frightened and fearful with no place to turn,
They’re backs faced the one whose love they now spurned.

Angry and frightened, lashing out in deep pain,
Looking for someone to accused and to blame,
For the stabbing pain piercing their heart,
Loves light now extinguished, as they peered into the dark.

Then into their darkness loves light entered in
Piercing the darkness, exposing the sin,
Breaking the shackles of shame and fear
Bidding all ‘come, walk free of despair’…

‘Walk into the arms of my great love,
In rest, find your answer and life from above,
Cease from your struggling, there’s nothing to prove,
Lean into my love and you’ll then learn to choose…

Life in my presence, as love shapes your soul,
In your quiet surrender, my love heals and makes whole.
I knew you and chose you, long before man’s fall
As a seed in my heart, that was yet to take form.

Now restored to loves light, your soul is reborn,
By my breath of life, your soul’s shape is formed…
For you are becoming the ‘you’ I had planned …
Before earth’s first day or the fall of man.

Sylvia Fraser (C) 2010.

The Message of Easter

The message of Easter rings out so clear
Through histories pages and down through the years:
A message of hope, of joy and great peace,
A promise to hearts needing relief …
To those who stumble and fall on life’s way,
To the prisoner who cry for justice each day.
To the broken and bleeding who’s hearts turn to pray…
The promise of Easter – It’s fresh each new day.

Easter is…
This promise of hope – this promise of joy,
This blessing from God that none can destroy…
Uniting the hearts of families and friends
Who practice this message of love without end.
A love that flows from the Father above
Then through hearts that overflow with His love:
Knowing that life is found in the giving,
Not found in self interest, but investing in living…

Then His love like a fountain flows through people like you,
People who care and reveal as they do…
The message of Easter lived out day by day,
Encouraging others they meet on life’s way.
(C) 1998 Sylvia Fraser

God’s Glorious Gift

A special day- A special place
Where God revealed ‘amazing grace’.
God’s love was manifest on earth,
As Heaven announced the Christ child’s birth.

How can my finite mind explain
The reason why my Jesus came?
Why God would care so much for me, or
Send His Son to set me free.
How can I comprehend such love
Which left its throne in heaven above
To be clothed in frail flesh,
That on me, God’s grace would rest.

What value did God see in me
That His Son would walk to Calvary
To be the lamb of sacrifice –
That I might know God’s love and light.
‘Amazing grace’ that day displayed
amid the dust, the dirt and hay,
The gift of God, sent from above
That I might know God’s wondrous love.

Oh love amazing … love divine
This love is yours-
This love is mine-
This love is ours when we receive…
Christ Jesus and God’s love believe.
Oh wondrous love so deep – so true,
I come this day to worship you,
To kneel just like those ancient kings,
And offer you the gifts I bring.

A heart of love, to worship you,
Lips that speak of all you do,
Feet that go where ere bid,
So that…
My life is, for your glory lived.

These are the gifts that honour Him,
These are ‘birthday gifts’ fit for the King.
So let us pledge our love anew and
Honour Him the whole year through.

(C) 1987 Sylvia Fraser

Lay your Gift at His Feet

Rich and regal, Kings resplendent,
Kneeling in the hay,
 worshipping the infant
with the gifts they brought that day.

Shepherds poor, meek and lowly
kneeling down to pray,
offering to Jesus
all their worship and their praise.

Kings and shepherds
‘round his bed,
all in raptured awe,
worshipping the baby as he lay amid the straw.

Kings worship with their gifts,
shepherds with their hears.
Both offering all they have
now in worship, set apart.

Oh Jesus, tiny baby
if I’d been there that day,
what would I have given
 to the infant in the hay?

All that I could offer,
all you ask that I should bring,
is each talent you have given me,
that I might worship you; my King.

© 1988 Sylvia Fraser

Peace for The Weary

We may not always understand the things which come our way,
But we can rest content in the knowledge that each day…
God’s loving hands extended to grant us peace and hope,
To strengthen and encourage us –  when we feel we cannot cope.

He is the Lord our healer – He is the Lord whose ‘ever near’…
He is the Lord who sees our tears and hears our every prayer.
His loving hand is on you – He has engraved you on His palm
So let His presence now enfold you and let your troubled heart be calm

He is a loving father who cares for you in every way:
He brings healing to your heavy heart and strength for each new day.
Let your heart find strength in knowing you are in His tender care,
And, He is right there with you and will all your burdens bear.

© 1997 Sylvia Fraser

My Longing Soul

My soul longs for your presence,
My heart thirsts for your love,
My desire is to be one with you
Be transformed from heaven above.

Not striving to “do” or “be” more,
But, at rest in your presence and peace,
Knowing I am accepted by you
Fills my heart with a sense of relief.

I am at peace my Abba
Knowing your love is true,
knowing that as your child,
You delight in my love for you.
                                                                              © 2000 Sylvia Fraser·

Psalm 9:9-10 – Proverbs 18:10.
His name to the children of His Family is Abba Father. As a perfect Father, I can run into the His loving arms and be safe. When I cry out to my Abba in my distress, He answers me. He has promised That He will never leave me nor forsake me, and I can trust His love for me at all times, and in all ways. He will always be there for me, and I will never be alone again.

John 15:12 Our union with Him is ‘organic’. God isn’t watching us to see when we get it wrong. He doesn’t watch to ensure we are obedient, nor to make sure we ‘get the job done’. Getting something done, is the by-product of who we are. God engages with us and watches over us to see that we are expressing the life we are partakers of, through Jesus.

This mutually shared life (we are partakers of the same life the Son has with the Father) then reproduces the internal reality in our external world. Living in and from that mutually shared life, we then make visible the invisible heart of our Father.

Out of who we are should effortlessly come what we do. His character (The fruit of the Spirit) grows in us as we remain in vital union—drawing from the source of our life. The depth of the internal reality of who we are and the relationship we have with our Abba, is outwardly expression in our conduct, attitudes and actions as naturally as water flows downhill.

Obedience then, is not then about ‘authority’ as such, but is the outworking of our delight in our relational connected-ness and shared life.

We like Jesus, respond to the Fathers love, by loving to delight His heart. Obedience is the expression of His joy in us, and our joy in Him, it is ‘love responding to love’. It is indeed Christ in us the hope of Glory.

Duty does as much as is needed to be acceptable and is exhausting, because it is never certain that it is enough. While joy delights to go the extra mile, to delight the heart of the one it loves, this delight in the relationship is both empowering and soul satisfying.

Dying to Live

I am my Lord crucified in you
From your death I rose renewed.
Born of your Holy Spirit
I am redeemed, reborn, made new.
Lost within the death of self, past passions, and past life
In the tattered grave clothes left behind
past images of strife.

My life surrendered to your hand,
As from baptisms death I rose.

A living soul from sin washed clean,
A heart in righteousness now clothed.
Baptised with water and with fire and
By afflictions tempered true…
Purified is my desire to serve no one my Lord…
but you.

Born of your Holy Spirit I have resurrection life
To live my Lord within your presence as
your joy and your delight.
Spirit breathed and Spirit led,
My life is yours to live,
Lead me ever on…my Lord
As all I am, to you… I freely give.

                  Sylvia Fraser

Out of the Valley of Fear

I am older now, my young sister
 I have lived on both sides of life.
Exploring the power of forgiveness
I found healing, joy and delight.

With the courage to walk
From my valley of fears,
I faced the shadows of my past life,
And discovered the truth you too can know…
They must yield when brought out in the light.

I once tended the grave of the old life
With its spectre of haunting fear, and
Rehearsed the songs of injustice,
In the embrace of my old friend,

Believing in that there was safety,
So, I would never again risk the pain
Having a lovely dream shattered,
My hearts tender longings shamed.
Deep within my heart was dying,
As I vowed to heal myself,
By building a wall of protection that
Would keep hope and kindness out.

I vowed to be self-sufficient, 
No, I refuse to need anyone,
Love was just a fairy tale,
Or…a song… only the needy sung.

I lived life alert to rejection,
Avoiding things I couldn’t control,
Afraid others would know my dark secrets,
Or the fears I faced when alone.
I couldn’t be seen as weak and needy,
For then others would know I was flawed,
And seeing me as vulnerable,
I would be despised, or worse, ignored.

Life kept spiralling out of control,
I felt so powerless within.
I was driven to find acceptance
Without knowing where to begin.

I despised the longings that would not die
To be loved and highly esteemed,
Fearing for me this would prove to be
Just another foolish dream.

Like a disapproving parent
I would scold the child in me,
I raged at her stupid ineptness
And told her how it ought to be.
I watched her shrink in humiliation,
As she felt belittled, unloved, and shamed,
And I watched this dis-empowered child
Take to her-self more pain.

In a moment of desperation,
Feeling trapped and frustrated with life,
I suddenly knew my soul was dying,
And in that moment, like a blinding light,
I knew the way out was in facing my fears
And having the courage to heal,
I knew that to take that healing journey
I’d need help to really get real.
I am older now, my young sister,
And I have lived on both sides of life.
Exploring the power of forgiveness
I found healing, joy and delight.
With the courage to walk
From my valley of fears,
I faced the shadows of my past life,
And discovered the truth you too can know…
They must yield when exposed to the light.

Sylvia Fraser